Desiree Robinson

Christian, composer, songwriter, piano teacher, and clarinet, Desiree Robinson draws from her experience in church and classical music to write crossovers between contemporary Christian worship, Gospel, and orchestral music. The life that only Jesus can give is brought out in her pieces by incorporating scripture, thanksgiving, and testimonies. Based in New Orleans, her heart is to share the joy and practical steps of writing and learning music. “Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Composer?,” Ms. Robinson’s guide, transforms music enthusiasts into music creators by breaking barriers of limitation (i.e. not feeling talented enough) and providing encouragement. She believes that anyone can create music if they focus on acquiring the right tools and knowledge. From a young age, she’s enjoyed mentoring in the context of music and beyond. She loves playing piano and singing for God at her church and has a bachelor’s degree in composition with a concentration in clarinet.

Her music has been premiered by Shastra Music (Indian Hindustani classical), Arch Contemporary Ballet, Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship New Orleans worship team, Genesis Gospel Choir, and more. One of her pieces, “Three Moods For Cello,” was performed in Canada by Desiree Abbey. In Cura Personalis: Embracing Our New Selves, a commission, and collaboration with Loyola Opera Workshop, she wrote unique micro-drama, solo, Acappella pieces for undergraduate and graduate students based on interviews that tapped into how each vocalist has changed since the pandemic. 

With every experience, her desire to help musicians on their journey grows.

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