Practice Rooms, Band Rehearsals & More!

Book your rehearsal space here!

Need to practice? Getting ready for 2021 gigs? We have 4 fully furnished roomed available for rent to our New Orleans Community. Sign up for a room today!

  • Band rehearsal means that there are 2 or more people attending the rehearsal.
  • Individual practice means that you are solo, you and only you will be in the practice room.
  • Sign up for unlimited rehearsal space if you plan on two or more practices for the month.

1. Select individual or band rehearsal (2+ people).

2. Choose a time slot and day that works for you. (Make sure to read our room information so you can choose a space that will best fit you or your band.)

3. Fill out our registration form, this will ask for contact info and will go over Spreading the Music policy.

Fill out our COVID-19 questionnaire HERE.

4. Done! See you soon!

Practice equipment and instruments available including piano, drum sets and more. $30 for drop-in band rehearsals of 2+ people. $20 for individual practice. Please note that Piano Room 1 and 2 are restricted for individual practice only. Sign up by clicking an option below!

You can sign up for unlimited rehearsals! Rates start at $70/month, you can find out more below.

There are discounts available for essential workers, those who work in the service industry, teachers, and veterans.