Our Group Music Classes

Group music classes are music lessons where students are joined with their peers to work towards a common musical goal. Student will learn the music fundementals together, learn their first songs, basics in music theory, experience a variety of instruments and more! This is best for students and parents who learn better together. All of our classes at Spreading the Music are low pressure, designed to take the students from where they are at any experience level. 

2024 Summer Classes

Composition Group Classes
Music Composition Classes
Group Singing Lessons
Voice Group Classes
Group Piano Class
Piano Group Classes
General Music Classes
String Group Classes
String Group Classes

The Experience

Small Class Size

Class sizes are limited to 8-15 students per class. Students can be joined with their friends and other music students in an immersive fun musical experience.


30% Cheaper than private music lessons with the same personalized experience. Students get the attention and support they need with peers in a welcoming environment.

Wide Range of Instruments

Students will have exposure to a wide range of instruments. Piano, violin, guitar, voice, and other percussion instruments will be explored.

Longer Lesson Time

Students will have more time with their teacher to get the most out of our extremely interesting subjects and activites. Gives parents time to run an errand, catch up on some work or just take a break!

How much does it cost?

$20-25 per Class

Cost per student/class. Students and parents pay per class and can pick and choose which classes they wish to attend. Student must pay for each class one at a time. If you wish to pay for more than one, please contact our school directly.


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