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2436 Valence St. New Orleans, L.A. 70115

Passcode is 4305

Locked out? Forgot your key? We have a black lock box located right outside the locked door under the cameras. Passcode is 2016 for school and 2017 for office

If you need Help

Candace Crawford’s Contact:

Phone: 504-330-3416

Email: ccconservatory@gmail.com

Spreading the Music’s Admin Hours:

Front Desk Hours:

Monday – Friday, 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm, Saturday, 1:00-3:00 pm

Contact Number and Emails:

Front Desk: (504) 655-1137

Billing: (504) 509-5393

Email: info@spreadingthemusic.com


Current Number of STM Students
June 2022 Enrollment Goal

Teacher Workshop Sign Up

Every second week of the month. Teachers will have access to music educations latest in lesson planning, music books, online games, the latest in ed research, STM community development, and more.  You are a part of an empire and we want to make sure you’re Spreading the Music with all the support you need to thrive. 

Current Spreading the Music School Schedule

Login into Acuity Scheduler and check our schools’ availability. Currently, you can cancel and reschedule lessons as you need.  You can even schedule a last-minute makeup lesson! These changes send personalized automatic confirmation emails to the student/parent so everyone is on the same page.  If you are ever having difficulties, just fill out the Teacher Schedule Check-In form below or call SuhNie. We will take care of the rest. They even have an app! 

Spreading the Music 2022 Handbook

Updated 2/10/2023. Spreading the Music policies are updated every 3 months. Handbook comes complete with a table of contents answering most questions teachers and staff may have.  Everything from receiving new students, to how we calculate payroll, teacher studio rental fees, subbing for lessons, setting your own rate, creating your own classes, and more. If you ever have any questions please call Candace. 

Payroll Calendar 2023-2024

These are the dates teachers and admins will receive a direct deposit into their registered bank account. Please note, you may also receive a check or PayPal payments in the event of an unexpected delay. You must fill out the Teacher Schedule Check-in below to guarantee accurate payroll. Teachers may be asked to request parents or students to pay a past due invoice to prevent disruptions in lessons or payout. If you ever have a question about payroll, including a payment breakdown please call or text Candace Crawford. 

View your paystubs anytime by clicking the button below. Paystubs are tracked with Square Payroll. Please note, payments by PayPal or Check may not be reflected immediately. Square also has a convenient Square Teams app where you can see all your paystubs and even past 1099-NEC tax forms.

Update Your Schedule

Designed by Savannah Summers. Teacher schedule check-in is used to keep accurate payroll, secure a substitute teacher or makeup lesson if you are going out of town, or even make the Acuity Scheduling process simple it easy. It’s also a wonderful check-in to ensure that your needs are being met.  Just fill out this form and we will take care of the rest. We will contact you directly if we have additional questions. 

Teacher Resources

Managed by K SuhNie Scott. As independent contractors, you have complete control of your classroom and how you choose to teach your students. Though sometimes you need some assistance, inspiration, or both. If you are ever not sure what to do next with a student, or how to best help support them on their journey, check out our teacher resources. These tools will be updated every month and will be reviewed at every Teacher Workshop. If you ever have any questions about our curriculum, contact SuhNie. 

STM Suggested Lesson Structure
CLICK ME! Lesson Structure by CCC
CLICK ME! Piano Basic Warmup by CCC
CLICK ME! Piano Full Warmup by CCC
CLICK ME! Piano Extended Warmup by CCC
Recommended Lesson Books 
CLICK ME! Recommend Method books by CCC
Group Lessons Plans
Lesson Plan I CAN

by SuhNie Scott

STM Lesson Template

by CCC

Lesson Plan Tuning Fork

by Siobhan O'Quinn

Coming soon…
  • Lesson Plan Templates
  • Recommended books for various instruments
  • Learning Styles (General)
  • Teaching Seniors
  • Teaching 5 Year Olds
  • Teaching Rhythm 
  • Students with Special Needs 
  • Recommended Repertoire for various instruments
  • Using Ipad Games with Students 
  • Best Warmups for Playing levels 
  • Social Awareness in your Lessons
  • Keeping Your Studio Organized
  • Teaching Strings
  • Teaching Brass 
  • Teaching Woodwinds 
  • Preparing for a Concert or Event

Spreading the Music Library

Managed by Juliet Lopez. Teachers have full access to our Spreading the Music Library. You can copy and print pages in our office. Use these books at any time if a student forgets to bring their copy. Please use a pencil or erasable pen when using STM copies. If you wish to donate a book, please write your name on the inside cover. Please let Desiree know if you would like to sign out a book.  

Share your Ideas

These ideas go straight to our vision board and categorized from there. You can be a part of the entire process!

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