On-Line Lessons

We can teach you virtually right from home! Your private music teacher can give the same quality instruction as if they were right next to you.

In-Person Lessons

Need a space to run a quick rehearsal before a gig? Want to practice without disturbing your neighbors? New to New Orleans, or born and bred and just want to make music? We got you covered!

Rehearsal Space

With teachers teaching from home, our schedule wide open! Morning, afternoon and evening time slots available!

Why Spreading the Music?

We are a local uptown New Orleans community music school open to all ages 5-years old and older, all-skill levels, all-instruments, all-schedules, all-genres and all-learning styles. Each of our teachers experienced, professional, and passionate working New Orleans musicians directly feeding music back into our community.

Meet Our Teachers

Teachers typically meet once a week for personalized musical experience. Students are welcomed to meet their teacher first for a trial lesson to see if we are a good fit.

Classroom Facilities

We have 5 fully furnished classroom, one of which is home to the renounced Bubble Bath Records! We not only host our regular after-school private music lessons, but we are open to hourly one-time or weekly band rehearsals, individual practice sessions and teacher studio rental.

Students, teachers, community member,  professional and amateur musicians alike are welcomed! Each room comes fully equip with a upright piano, speakers, music stands, chairs, drum kits and more. All we need is you! Our rate start as low as $10.00 per hour!


Our Rooms & Classes

5 and Up
Months Old
Class Size

Piano Room One

Equipped with a beautiful Essex Steinway Piano perfect for one on one private piano lessons or personal practicing.
Months Old
Class Size

String Room

This room has it all! Two guitars, upright keyboard, and shelf space. Perfect for one one one, small combos and quintets!
5 years and Older
Months Old
Class Size

Piano Room Two

Rustic Wurlizer Upright PIano perfect for a jazzy more percussive sound. Perfect for one on one lessons and personal practicing.
Months Old
Class Size

Drum Room

This room has it all! Two full drum kits, amps, stands, keyboards, upright and chairs. Perfect for a rehearsal before the gig. It can fit up to 15 people!

Our Results Speak for themsleves!

We are a local community music school creating a strong foundation for the next generations of musicians.

Passionate Teachers
Happy Students
Spreading the Music
Owner awared 2018 TOP TEACHER by Steinway & Sons!

Commitment to Saftey

WE ARE OPEN! Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a major source of concern nationally and internationally. Spreading the Music can do our small community of close to 100 students and families a service by advocating for normalcy and sanitation while schools and businesses close. Online music lessons is the perfect way to do it! Afterschool activity for children or a hobby for adults can do wonders, especially during these times and why have a few weeks inside slow us down?

  • Due to Governor John Bel Edwards issued mandatory quarantine, all Spreading the Music lessons will be held online until further notice by the State Department.
  • You must wash your hands upon entering and exiting the school. Wash them like you just went to a crawfish boil and you need to take out your contacts
  • Teachers must wash hands and disinfect instruments after every lesson.
  • Students, parents or teachers do not come to school if you think you are sick or may be becoming sick.
  • Parents, if you feel comfortable you may just drop your children off and pick them off without coming inside. Fewer bodies, fewer possibilities of infection.

Due to the COVID-19 Spreading the Music is taking social distancing seriously and providing online lessons to members of the community. All ages are welcomed, all instruments and all levels.