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Spreading the Music Finacials & Otherwise

You are valued and everything you do here helps create a better world through music! 

Today is:

Weekly To-Do

  • Quick Books Update. Track Expenses and compare to “2021 Combined Payment Total Tab”.
  • Upload Whitney Bank Transactions of the prior month
  • Create Budgets for upcoming projects, events, classes, and programs.
  • Forecast/ Projections/ Cash Flow/ Savings
  • Note: STM Parents Automatic Debit on 1st and 7th. All Clients must pay invoices no later than the 7th of the month.

Start to reconcile books for the upcoming week.

  • Download all Square, PayPal, Cash, and Check transactions and payments and add them to the “2021 Combined Payment” Excel Document. Ensure that all payment types are correctly linked to Totals.
  • Reconcile all Completed Payments to the 2021 Parents and Students Excel Document (Colorful sheet).
  • Update Shared “Acuity CC Update” Document to inform Savannah and Candace that a current student has a balance.
  • ***Note: This must be reconciled by the end of the second week for Accurate Payroll to teachers.
  • Note: Account is usually negative due to payment to teachers without collecting past due payments
  • Do a Final Review and Reconciliation of 2021 Combined Document and 2021 Parent and Student Excel Documents before follow-up with parents.
  • Phone Call, Email, and Follow-up with parents who have an “Overdue/Past Due” Invoice for completed lessons. We are sensitive to all reasons as to why a parent or student may be late on a payment. Request to have a credit card on file to keep the payment current or a payment calendar.
  • Late Fee will be added to clients who refuse to abide by negotiated payment calendar or after two months of missed payment (Fee may be waived due to Covid-19. Follow up with Candace or with the client may be required before the late fee can be added).
  • Combined any past due to invoices and add them to next month. Delete upcoming reoccurring invoices so the client does not receive two invoices.
  • Add late Fee after two months of non-payment.

Work Completed 

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