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Happy New Year and Seasons Greetings!

Welcome to 2018! Spreading the Music is honored and privileged to see you into the new year. We hope it is full of joy and new “committed” resolutions, an eagerness to better our community and an undeniable passion for music. On behalf of all  our teachers, we would like to sincerely thank you for your patronage and supporting quality music education in Uptown New Orleans. We couldn’t do this without you and are fully committed to you and our students.

Coming into the New Year, we have some changes. Please read below for some important updates:

PASSCODE HAS CHANGED! The New Year didn’t just change the date, but our coveted four digits to enter the school. It is now 1614. Please note we change this code for your security.

SPREADING THE MUSIC OUTREACH PROGRAM! Local Spreading the Music teachers and musicians will be giving 2-3-hour workshops during the school day or after school to your local school. All lessons are with the goal to enrich music education in school, increase Spreading the Music enrollment and foster community growth. To bring this program to your school, please email Candace Crawford at ccconservatory@gmail.com

2nd YEAR ANNIVERSARY JAM SESSION! Spreading the Music is reaching their 2nd year anniversary and no better way then to celebrate with a jam session! Students, teachers, local musicians and family members will be able to jam together and Spread the Music. We are thinking of making it monthly! First jam is Monday February 5th from 5:00-8:00pm at Spreading the Music.

NEED TO CHANGE YOUR LESSON DAY OR TIME? It’s the New Year with typically a new schedule. Out with the soccer in with the baseball as we always say. Let us know, we are flexible.Please know, sometimes the best option is a day change.

FREE WI-FI FOR ALL! Is your child in a lesson and you FINALLY have sometime to yourself? Go ahead and send that quick email. Our Wi-Fi is up and running. You can find the password inside the school on our billboard. 

NEED TO KNOW WHEN OUR CONCERTS AND BREAKS ARE? You can find all that information online at www.spreadingthemusic.com. Our school calendar can be found at the bottom of the home page.

LATE FEE FOR LATE PAYMENT If you think you will be unable to attend your lesson your first week due to illness or family emergency after giving your teacher 24 hours’ notice, just give us a call and we can do a one-time payment by card over the phone. If no notice is given, a late fee of $30 will become due and payable before starting your next lesson. If overdue payment becomes a habit, we will ask for you to switch to Automatic Billing or try our Package Lesson option.

TO CLARIFY, WE CHARGE BY MONTH, NOT BY LESSON Lessons at Spreading the Music are on a monthly contact. Although we are closed for four weeks of the month, there are some months were there are 5 Mondays, 5 Tuesdays, 5 Thursdays etc… (any month with 31 days), so it does round out with consistent lessons. To receive the maximum amount of lessons with marked improvement on student progress, a student must be enrolled for at least a year.  We will absolutely prorate you if you make us aware before the 1st of the month.

BEST WAY TO CONTACT US Send in an inquiry from our website at Contact Us. All information goes straight to our owner.

Thanks as always for Spreading the Music with us!


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