Mardi Gras Break!

Spreading the Music 

will be

Mardi Gras Image 2


for Mardi Gras Break Monday, February 12-Sunday, February 18th

Classes will Resume Monday February 19th

Please Note:

Payments for lessons is a monthly installment on a yearly tuition with an average 4-week month. We charge per month, not per lesson. Although we are closed for four weeks of the month, there are some months were there are 5 Mondays, 5 Tuesdays, 5 Thursdays etc… (any month with 31 days), so it does round out with consistent lessons. You will not be credited back lessons you do not receive when Spreading the Music is closed including lessons you choose to opt out of for the summer, holidays and/or personal reasons. To receive the maximum amount of lessons, Spreading the Music suggest being enrolled for an entire year. If you suspect that you will be gone for the summer or a few weeks during the holidays, we must know before the 1st to make adjustments to your official monthly rate.

Thank you so much for Spreading the Music with us and we will see you into the New Year!


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