Women’s West African Drumming

Come join us in our first Uptown Women’s West African Drumming Class! This beginner course is to set a foundation for traditional West African drums and rhythms. We even provide you with your own drums! In this class, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the history and social function of West African Drums and Rhythms
  • Learn the foundations of various rhythms from Guinea and Mali on traditional drums
  • Improve timing, coordination, and ear-training
  • Work together as part of an ensemble to create one cohesive sound
  • Put knowledge in practice by playing and performing with dance students
Michelle Welchons is a multi-instrumentalist from North Carolina who believes rhythm is the foundation of everything and can be found in every aspect of our daily lives. She began drumming as an adult (and you can, too!) and has studied and performed with well-respected West African drummers Aboubacar (Amo) Soumah and Weedie Braimah.  She is excited to share the joy of drumming and her knowledge with other women.
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Age Group : 14-Adult
Class Size : 15
Pricing $15
Sessions Saturdays at 11:15-12:30pm

Class Start

Cross Cultural Awareness

Unravel some of the myths and misunderstandings surrounding West African culture and music and broaden your horizon.

Beginner Friendly

Never played a drum? No problem! This class will be taught for those with no musical experience while also offering challenges for the seasoned musician.

Practical Experience

Students get the opportunity to play with West African Dance students expanding community relationships and providing practical experience.

Approach Music Differently

Music enters the ear and goes straight to the heart. Taught orally, you will improve your ability to listen and play them back without reading.

Build Community

As women, sometimes musical spaces can be hostile. This is a safe space for us to come together to share, learn, and create.

Rhythm as Melody

Learn to hear rhythms as melodic lines. This non-linear approach created by unique instrumentation will challenge your understanding of music .

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