Sound Recording Science

Discover the power of your self expression through the art and science of audio recording. This class empowers you with the knowledge you will need to:

  • Learn how to record, edit and sample audio files with industry standard Digital Audio Workstation.
  • Set up a studio with necessary components and installations
  • Produce parts and songs with a specific artistic intent and be able to unlock the creative professional inside of you

We two sessions every Tuesday starting at only $20 a class.

  • Sound Recording Science for the Young Musical Mind:   Every Tuesday at 5:00pm-5:45pm
  • Sound Recording Science for Adults: Every Tuesday at 6:00pm-6:45pm

For those who have a musical vision they want to see come alive this course gives you those tools realize your ideas.

Age Group : Session 1: 8-15 Session 2: 16 and up
Class Size : 5-10
Pricing $20
Sessions Tuesdays 5pm-7pm

Class Start

Small class size

All students will have hands on experience and one on one attention.

Improve Musicality

Students will be taught how to use studio recording as a practice tool as well as a creative outlet

Industry Standard Software

Learn how to record, edit and sample audio files with Digital Audio Workstation.

Making connections

Students will know the ins and outs of connecting, installing, and setting up their own recording studio

Professional development

Students will learn about mic selection and placement and how to achieve the desired sounds they envision.